" F A S H I O N  I S  T H E  G A T E W A Y  O F  S E L F - E X P R E S S I O N "  

My deep appreciation and interest for fashion began as far back as I can remember. As a young girl I was always searching for creative outlets in which I could express myself. Whether through athletics, or exploring and playing outdoors, I had an intense fascination with the environment and the world around me . Sometimes staying out late just to catch the final glimpse of the sunset over the skyline.

As I grew, my admirations expanded from landscape to include architecture, photography, and art. This inevitably evolved into fashion. I became intrigued  with ways of interpreting the beauty in the female form. I discovered clothing and fashion design as a way of combining and communicating my interests cohesively.

Through the years, I have submerged myself in the industry. Growing and gaining experience in every opportunity possible through my career. My vast experience in retail, personal shopping and styling, has given me the ability to make a person feel both unique and empowered through their clothing. I understand what is most important and ultimately the reason I love fashion so much is that it allows me the opportunity to make someone feel at his or her best. For me there is no greater satisfaction.
My inspirations today begin with the influence of the environment around me. Using color palettes and textures from the natural elements, the story comes to life. As a women myself, I enjoy clothing that celebrates feminine beauty, with an emphasis on physical strength, power and individuality. Achieving balance and optimum health through the body, the mind, and the spirit is when I feel at my best. My style and creative signature over time has developed around this philosophy. My aspiration is to continue to open the gateway into combining the world of fashion and physical well-being.

I have often been told that what you do in life defines who you are. I am fortunate enough to have always had only one unquestionable passion. I truly believe to work hard in this world you must love what you do. The brilliantly talented, Narcisco Rodrigues once said “As hard and as painful as designing can be, it is the one thing I have always been passionate about.” This is truly how I feel and will continue on this journey as long as it empowers me. Thank you. 



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